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FW’19 Collection

Designer Iana Kuznetsova shifts the focuses in OCHI Autumn-Winter 2019-20 collection. Last time her heroine was an epitome of nomadic lifestyle, but now she is packing her bags and comes back home.

Iana Kuznetsova imagines her as a modern day woman, who is tired of wars – social, political, gender and internal. She craves for comfort and security and hide her tenderness behind soft cashmere trenches and faux fur coats. To fulfill the idea of protection designer presents her vision of uniform, including armour-like capes and coats in the collection.

As the protest to modern world’s violence Iana Kuznetsova continues work with eco-leather and faux fur, developing the idea of pure beauty, free of murders and blood. The idea of purity is presented in multifunctional kerchieves. Iana Kuznetsova sees here references to women, who cover their heads while visiting spiritual places.

Spiritualism has its own role in the collection. Designer continues collaboration with modern Ukrainian artists and introduces works of Anatoly Belov as the embroidery and prints. Mysticism is brought in the collection by masonic symbols. Iana Kuznetsova refers to secret communities and borrows the key elements of their image – voluminous hoods and monolithic capes.

OCHI AW19 collection is a personal story about homecoming, search of hope and spiritual comfort. Outerwear here is not only the physical embodiment of security, but the way of self-protection.




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